EOB and Remittance Search: Cannot Enter a Successful Date Range

*** These steps were updated on December 20, 2013 ***


When attempting to search for Highmark EOB and Remittances, you may receive the error “Begin Date and End Date span may not be greater than 14 days" even though the date range selected is less than or equal to 14 days. Changing the search date range does not resolve the problem.


This occurs when certain files required by the new EOB and Remittance transaction are not downloaded to your machine.


You must delete the old versions of the files from your machine so the new versions can be downloaded.

What will be deleted?

This process only deletes temporary internet files. No other browser settings are affected. 


  1. Launch Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Settings icon.


  3. Select Internet Options.

  4. In the Browsing history section, click Delete

  5. In the Delete Browsing History window:

    • Clear Preserve Favorites website data
    • Select Temporary Internet files
    • Clear remaining options


  6. Click Delete.

  7. Click OK

  8. Close Internet Explorer.

  9. Launch Internet Explorer.

  10. Log in to NaviNet.

  11. Access EOB and Remittance. (Select AR Management, and then click EOB and Remittance.)

  12. Perform a search and verify that the date range problem has been resolved.